Terrain Building

Download complete instructions for all your shiny new tabletop terrain kits below!


If you’re new to working with MDF tabletop terrain and laser cut kits, then we recommend checking out our General Tips and Tricks Guide to get you sorted and well on your way to a great looking table!

View or Download assembly instructions for your Battle Kiwi model kits below.

Have a problem assembling things? Not sure what that bit is, or it disappeared into a dimensional black hole under the couch?
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Battle Boards

Star Battle Terrain sets

Bunker – Sanctuary Range

Dark Castle – The Outer Rim

Grav Loader – Sanctuary Range

Guard Tower – Sanctuary Range

Landing Platform – Sanctuary Range

Laser Turret – Sanctuary Range

Outpost Builder Walls – Sanctuary Range

Outpost Forcefield Gate – Sanctuary Range

Power Generator – Sanctuary Range

Scatter Wars 1 – Sanctuary Range

Scatter Wars 2 – Sanctuary Range

Shield Generator – Sanctuary Range

Transmission Substation – Sanctuary Range

Sci Fi Immortal Dynasty Range

Historical Terrain sets

Fantasy Terrain sets

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