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Questions about our wargame terrain & laser cut tabletop goodies that get asked frequently?
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Pre Primed MDF Terrain?

Before laser cutting our terrain pieces we hand prepare all materials with an acrylic primer. White one side, grey on the other. This means your product can be put together and look good straight away!

And for those that want to pump up the cool factor, the pre-primed finish means you can start painting straight away. This not only saves you time, but also considerable cost as MDF is notorious for soaking up spray paint when priming.

Stay Shiny? What is that?

‘Stay Shiny’ is our amazing made up name to describe our masking technology.

All white surfaced terrain has an easily removed protective masking layer placed onto materials prior to cutting. This not only protects the surface from burn marks and cutting dust residue, it also makes for instant masking!

This makes it ideal for painters as you can remove pieces of the masking, spray, then remove the rest for fast clean results.

Alternatively the masking can all be removed by peeling it of, or a faster method can be to use a flat edge of scrap material to push/scrape off masking quickly.

How do I put my terrain together?

You can find instructions for Battle Kiwi Kits here. We design our kits to balance between great looking details and easy building, to get you on the tabletop fast! Most kits require PVA/wood glue and some simple assembly. We recommend using masking tape to help hold things so you can continue building and avoid spending time watching glue dry.

How long do orders take?

If it’s in stock we’ll post it out right away, otherwise, you will be added to the production queue in order received.

As an example, standard size orders normally take a day or two to send out. Larger orders, custom orders or orders done during busier times (such as sales) can take a little longer to get out the door.

Do you do Custom terrain, Bases, Tokens...?

Yes! We often do custom bases for many games, as well as customised insignia and more on our dice trays and game templates, along with adjusting acrylic colours etc if required. Custom tokens are also a fairly common request.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have a special request then please just get in contact.

Do you sell Internationally?

Yes! We can and do send Battle Kiwi terrain to wherever your tabletop battles are!

If you find your country is not listed on the shipping information when ordering, then please let us know

Currency Conversion

Base product pricing is done in New Zealand Dollars – Currency conversion is updated daily, but please note international currency final pricing will be done by payment system.

What are Battle Points?

Battle Points are our way of saying thank you for being a return customer.

Making purchases, reviewing products or referring your wargaming buddies, are all ways of earning Battle Points.

New members to the crew are even rewarded points when they first sign up.

Battle Points earned can then be redeemed for discounts, noice! Points are valid for 12 months from time of earning them and can be redeemed at checkout any time.

Do you sell to Hobby Stores/distributors?

Yes! Just get in contact, tell us about your shop/distribution area and we can go from there.


Some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then be sure to get in contact and ask away!

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