Aqua-Nexus Fountain

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A fountain of placidity

Give your colony dwellers a look at the wonder of ‘nature like’ flowing water, just like they once enjoyed for real back on their home planet.
Sure to induce calm and tranquillity. Guaranteed to reduce unrest & rioting by possibly 5.24% in your colony!

A great bit of terrain for your scifi tabletop games. Makes for a wonderfully thematic way of adding water terrain to your sci fi themed city table.
The removable fountain column and holo bush planters, maximises set up options for your table. Ideal for varying your layout and mixing up available cover positions.


  • Fountain area base piece
  • Fountain water effect column
  • 4 x Holo Bush planters 
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A sci fi themed water fountain and planters with acrylic holo plants for tabletop games like Infinity, Kill Team and Stargrave.

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2 reviews for Aqua-Nexus Fountain

  1. khibyusa (verified owner)


    This is a really nice piece of terrain. The fact that it is six seperate pieces means you can have it as a single entity or pepper your table with the individual pieces.

    It goes together well and it fits in nicely with all of the Colony 21 and the Alpha City terrain seamlessly.


    Christian Tapp

  2. Panda (verified owner)

    A must have ! Recommande fortement !!!

    Cela apporte une petite touche de beauté et de vie sur la table :). !

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