Armada Range Rulers

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Fire All Weapons!

A complete set of range rulers for Armada – covers big starships, little fighter ships, and everything in between.
Handily includes Galactic Base Standard suitable for players across all the galaxies.


  • 5 fighter rules (Ranges 1-5)
  • 3 ‘range’ rulers (Close, Medium, Long)

Laser cut from 3mm Black Acrylic – supplied unpainted with protective paper layer for easy painting.

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A full range ruler set for Star Wars Armada game by FFG

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2 reviews for Armada Range Rulers

  1. iain.campbell360 (verified owner)

    Rulers Match the official cardboard, They are an amazing replacement with the options to use ink with the masking allowing precisely ink all the details, letter and numbers without tinting the actual ruler itself.

  2. Saroon

    I bought these a while ago and the quality was really good. I’ve been using them exclusively ever since

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