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Build an awesome looking ruined city for your 15mm ww2 or cold war era miniature tabletop battles. Perfect for Flames of War and Team Yankee, these ruins are easy to build and are supplied pre-primed and sprueless – for fast ‘to the table’ use! Each ruin comes with a ‘Bag of Rubble’ which includes a selection of broken floor level corner pieces, window frames, doors and block bitz.

Each city building model can be ordered in Standard version or the ‘B’ side, which is reversed cut/build for a little more visual variety on the tabletop. note you can combine parts between different ruined city buildings also for even further variety of tabletop modelling!

Laser cut MDF. Each 15mm city ruin building has a footprint of 106mm wide X 75mm deep. Height goes from 110mm to 35mm for the most destroyed building. Also available as part of our City Ruins Bundle Deal

Comes pre painted in grey on outside and off-white on reverse. Requires PVA glue to assemble.

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Laser cut 3mm MDF wargaming city terrain. These 15mm scale city building ruins are great for WW2 gaming like Flames of War or Team Yankee.

Give your troops some cover and recreate a ruined city like Stalingrad.


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