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Build an awesome looking ruined city for your 15mm ww2 or cold war era miniature tabletop battles. This City Ruins Bundle Deal comes with 10 buildings, perfect for Flames of War and Team Yankee, these ruins are easy to build and are supplied pre-primed and sprueless – for fast ‘to the table’ use! Comes with a ‘Big Bag of Rubble’ which includes a selection of broken floor level corner pieces, window frames, doors and block bitz.

Each city building model is supplied in Standard version and the ‘B’ side reversed cut/build version for more visual variety on the tabletop. note you can combine parts between different ruined city buildings for even further variety of tabletop modelling!

City Ruins Bundle Contains:

Each 15mm city ruin building has a footprint of 106mm wide X 75mm deep. Height goes from 110mm to 35mm for the most destroyed building.

Comes pre painted in grey on outside and off-white on reverse.Made from laser cut MDF. Requires PVA glue to assemble.

Laser cut 3mm MDF wargaming city terrain. These 15mm scale city building ruins are great for WW2 gaming like Flames of War or Team Yankee.

Give your troops some cover and recreate a ruined city like Stalingrad with this great bundle deal.


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Weight.680 kg

2 reviews for City Ruins Bundle

  1. Malcolm Wright (verified owner)

    To help with the new city ruins tabletop I am making I purchased a group of buildings from Battle Kiwi, an online company selling laser cut things. The product is very good and the delivery from New Zealand was really prompt. Far more so than from some of our Australian wargame suppliers.
    There is a bag of rubble and bits that come with the ten pack so debris can be scattered about. The end result is very good and I’m sure most wargames would be very pleased with the buildings as they come. Of course, as usual, I prefer to ‘tart things up’ a bit so I added additional bits to represent wrecked floor levels and other junk. I even tossed in some items such as beds, cupboards, and stoves that I had purchased from Sparrow Casting of Melbourne.
    While most of the ten buildings in the set are quite tall, two of them are very low and don’t look as impressive as the rest. One could easily move sections around during assembly as the ground area and the joining sections are all the same. If I had realized how low those two were I probably would have done that but I left those two until last and only thought of that too late.
    All buildings come painted and are also given a dry brushing of brown to represent damage and exposure to the elements. It looked really good, so I left several in that state but painted some differently to make them more distinguishable from the rest. I did the same with the internal walls I added.
    With the ground scale being the same for all of them it has made establishing street blocks easier and I am very pleased with the result. Good value and oh! I do love the smell of laser burnt wood!
    In some photographs there is a yellow, L shaped building from a Polish source which I included to show that it fitted in well.
    Whilst I can of course make my own buildings this purchase was a very convenient way in which to help complete my new ruined tabletop scenery.

  2. Bill Ronan (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Went together perfectly. After adding a little sand and some extra paint I am extremely pleased with the result! I would deffo recommend!

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