Code 1 Battle Wallet Bundle

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Fully prepared for your next mission.

Jump into the game, with your Code 1 Battle Wallet in hand!
(Now includes 2 x Lt orders, ready for your N4 upgrade!)

This bundle includes the Code 1 Battle Wallet complete with the full set of order tokens. This is stacked together with the Tool Layer and it’s essential tools, and also a Token Layer, ready for you to load up for battle.

Comes fully pre-assembled ready to fight.
1 x Battle Wallet
10 x Acrylic Order Tokens
2 x Acrylic Lt Token
1 x Tool Layer
1 X Acrylic Movement widget with Gap gauges
2 x Acrylic Silhouette Markers with base
1 Token Trays

*Tokens & widgets supplied uncoloured – images show them coloured using quick and easy wax crayon fill (rub on and wipe clean!)

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Command Panel bundle for Infinity Code one. Includes tokens and widgets.

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Weight.220 kg

5 reviews for Code 1 Battle Wallet Bundle

  1. garthfabbro (verified owner)

    Love it. A bundle of essential tokens and tools in one easily transportable package.

  2. cannbarton2018 (verified owner)

    Great design, I’ve been looking for a solution like this for quite some time. A great way to easily communicate order groups to your opponent and stay organised, can’t wait to use it at the next tournament!

    An additional LT order slot on the main board would be a welcome edition in a future iteration! Would also love to see another layer with the other silhouette templates

  3. DMac (verified owner)

    Fits the standard game tokens. Holds up in transit. Great option.

  4. Ian Sharma-Cook (verified owner)

    Neat little bit of kit that organises tokens and keeps them in a portable and smart container.

  5. Johnnyrotten665 (verified owner)

    Awesome little organiser, simple and elegant.

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