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The right tool for the fight.

Expand your Code 1 Battle Wallet with the essential Tool Layer. This handy layer includes the all important movement tool, with 4″ and 2″ edges, allowing you to easily roll it to also measure out 6″. The movement tool also features the new Gap movement sizes built right in (for S1-8), so you’ll know if your trooper can squeeze through between terrain for an ultimate surprise attack!

The most used silhouettes marker sizes are also included – S1/S2/S3/S5/S6 – and come with stand up bases, that also work great as placeholders if you need to move a model.

Comes fully assembled and ready to head out on a mission. Strong N52 magnets make it ready to add to your Battle Wallet stack and get fighting.
*Tools supplied uncoloured – images show them coloured using quick and easy wax crayon fill (rub on and wipe clean!)

Also available in a Bundle Set.

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Essential gaming tools for Code One Infinity. Movement stick and silhouette markers.

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