Colony 21 HABSTACK Bundle

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Begin your Colony in the Stars

The HABSTACK Bundle is a great start to your new table, or a great addition to your current collection.

Featuring highly modular designs and playable features, the HABSTACK Bundle is a great set of core buildings to set the scene for your next epic scifi wargaming experience!
Buildings can be combined in multiple ways (or stacked to infinite height).

  • Removable access stairwell and separate ladder to easily change up how the roof is accessed.
  • Solar Panel can be clipped into roof (also used to easily remove roof for interior access), or onto building edges.
  • Opening/closing entry door with interior area.
  • All components can be stored inside for storage/travel.
  • Includes some optional stick on details – control panel/vent/wall mounted replicator.

HABSTACK Bundle Includes:

3 x HABITAT Buildings (inc stairways etc)
1 x C21 Walkways – Narrow pack
1 x Habitat Columns pack
1 x AC Units pack
1 x Garden Hangers set

Comes pre-primed white as shown with Stay Shiny masking. Peel for clean look or use as spraying mask!

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HAB Block style Sci Fi terrain buildings bundle. Modular MDF wargame terrain for tabletop games like 40K, Infinity, Warpath, Stargrave and more!

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