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The ever versatile shipping container! A great terrain option to fill the table in multiple ways and provide full cover for up to S6 in Infinity. Stackable and fitting together perfectly end to end. Container door is removable for access to inside for up to 40mm bases.

Comes pre-primed white, ready to use or paint!

Made from 3mm MDF – pieces comes unassembled.

Container terrain. Great for Infinity and other near future sci fi tabletop gaming.

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Weight.115 kg

2 reviews for Containers

  1. khibyusa (verified owner)


    So…. I did not click how big these containers are. They are huge compared to the ones Corvus Belli used to produce. they go together very quickly and they can hide up to S6 models. S7 and S8 minis will have some ability to see over the containers, but their angle will be shallow. Anything with Superjump is going to cause a major headache to anything hiding behind the containers.

  2. wzhanhui (verified owner)

    I love that they are able to open. It means I tend to store loose terrain in them whenever I’m packing up.

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