Dropper Bottle Paint Rack – with Shelves

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Rack ’em up!

This large vertical paint rack storage system is a great way to clear your paint desk (and make room for moooore miniatures!). Designed for dropper bottles like Vallejo and Army Painter Paints, it includes 2 shelves for GW, P3 and similiar along the bottom.

Holds 84 dropper bottles
Shelves hold 12 standard pots

Overall Approx Size: 38.5cm Wide | 33cm High | 14.5cm deep (including foot base)

Also available as wall mounted version

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Paint rack holder for dropper bottle paints and pots. Made from 3mm MDF.

Additional information

Weight.45 kg

15 reviews for Dropper Bottle Paint Rack – with Shelves

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    Excellent Product, went together easily and holds all my Vallejo paints well. I’d recommend gluing it together as otherwise it has a tendency to fall apart.

  2. Rob Wood (verified owner)

    Very good paint holder, gives you more room on your painting desk. The bottom two shelfs are good for holding other style larger pots. Goes together well and with a little amount of wood glue she is rock solid.

  3. avogadrothemole (verified owner)

    Excellent paint holder. Very space efficient. Went together easily and sturdy. Only added a touch of glue to a couple points to ensure it can take any bumps from misbehaving cats.

  4. Graham (verified owner)

    Easy to put together, compact floorprint and really helps organising colours.

  5. pcmacknz@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Battle Kiwi sets the standard anything else is sub-par these are great for dropper bottles using Army Painter and Vallejo. Also fits some Citidel pots below. I also have there organiser as well

  6. Michael (verified owner)

    Looks awesome and easy to construct. Holds exactly what I need and easy to access paint pots.

  7. Vickrin (verified owner)

    Easy to build and solid construction.
    Would recommend.

  8. devolutionary (verified owner)

    Reliable, easy to build, and it stands up well. Just a great stand for any standard drop-top bottles.

  9. Dave Matheson (verified owner)

    Fits drop-top bottles perfectly.

  10. widjem@hotmail.co.nz (verified owner)

    Went together rather well, was my first foray into laser cut “things” I do recommend a bit of PVA to the joints though.

  11. Manipulus (verified owner)

    Sturdy and works well, would recommend.

  12. MarkR (verified owner)

    Excellent way to store paint. Holds a ton of bottles and takes up very little desktop space!

  13. James Fahey (verified owner)

    Fit of parts is excellent. I used a bit of PVA to glue it together and a spray of black paint with a light sand after to give a smooth finish. Perfect for the purpose

  14. Caleb Chandlerl (verified owner)

    I have 4 of these now and love them, perfect for organizing my dropper bottles, painting stations lever looked better!

  15. Richard Waterson (verified owner)

    Product is great overall. Ran into a bit of an issue where these don’t fit the AK-Interactive dropper bottles (lid is different to Vallejo and Army Painter bottles) but nothing a step drill and blow torch couldn’t remedy. Now I have five rows which fit the AK bottles I mainly use, and two rows which fit the handful of Vallejo bottles I own, best of both worlds! The sizing thing is not a fault of the product itself.

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