Durak Deep – Rail Sections


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Modular Railway for your Tabletop Games

The dwarves connect their buildings through a series of rails used to cart around heavy ores and minerals. This network can connect the Mineshaft, Forge Works and Smeltery.

Each railway piece is modular allowing you to connect railway pieces any way you like.

Model dimensions Approx:
straight section: 60x40x52H mm
45° angled section:75x60x52H mm
Y intersection: 74x74x52H mm
X intersection: 87x87x52H mm
T intersection: 78x108x52H mm
ruined section: 50x40x52H mm
straight ground level section: 60x40x13H mm
45° angled low section: 57x74x13H mm
rail ramp: 38x56x52H mm
road rail crossing bridge: 200x100x72H mm

Printed in PLA+ for high strength and quality. Supplied unpainted.



A dwarven fantasy style railway system, perfect for your fantasy wargaming battles!

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