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May the Forcefield be with you.

Every outpost needs a way in, but it also needs to be secure… introducing the forcefield gate system by ImperialTek – the best security your outpost can buy!

This forcefield gate system combines perfectly with the Outpost Wall Builder system, as well as the Guard Tower. The support columns are simply slid out to allow for connecting to the different pieces.

The detailed acrylic ‘forcefield’ can be deactivated by sliding it out to allow troops and vehicles through. Makes for a great piece for a narrative objective of accessing the Outpost Compound!

Comes pre-primed in Imperial grey as shown.

Approx size: 195mm wide x 105mm high x 48mm deep.
Made from laser cut 3mm MDF & Glass Edge coloured Acrylic

Laser cut terrain forcefield gate - ideal for sci fi tabletop games like Star Wars Legion by Fantasy Flight Games, Warhammer 40K, Infinity and more!

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Weight.25 kg

3 reviews for Forcefield Gate

  1. Flamegear (verified owner)

    This one was a bit trickier to assemble, but well worth the effort. The visual impact is fantastic, and the playability of simply removing the acrylic to “deactivate” the gate is easy enough to do.
    I chose to leave the peel-able layer on the clear acrylic, as it made it easier to see the wavy patterns on it. However it has made it more difficult to slide the acrylic in and out, so I probably would just remove it all next time.

  2. wzhanhui (verified owner)

    I use it for Infinity maps, where it blocks LOS but it’s free to move through. Great way to block off long firelanes, and aesthetically pleasing too.

  3. daryl_bennett90 (verified owner)

    Really cool piece to add to your thematic tables

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