Grimhall Assault Bundle

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Venture into the desolate halls

Whether you’re heading into the depths of a giant space hulk, or taking your squad on a dangerous boarding assault mission, the Grimhall Assault Bundle is ready to create an epic table to fight over!

Fully modular wall and pillar sections are quick and easy to reconfigure into new set ups. The pillar sections and walls can also be stacked (as high as you dare!) to add height and massively increase your layout options. Great for games such as Warhammer 40K, 30K Heresy, Stargrave and more!

All wall panels are detailed on both sides and come with a whole bunch of greeblie pipes and vents to accessorise your sections. The access hatchway doors are all fully hinged for open/close action.
Comes fully pre-primed in battleship grey, so with a little simple assembly they are ready to play or paint up.

Set can be expanded with additional sections and also ceilings and stairways!

Grimhall Assault Bundle Set Includes:
8 x Long Walls
8 x Long Walls with Doors

9 x Short Walls
9 x Short Walls with Doors

42 x Pillars
Lots x Greeblies

(34 wall sections total)

Requires glue for assembly. Made from 3mm laser cut  MDF.

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BIG bundle of modular terrain perfect for warhammer 40k, 30k, Killl Team and Necromunda!

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