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Your DREAM Home of the Future

The HABITAT homes of COLONY 21 provide all you could desire for your new life beyond the stars.

Featuring a highly modular design and playable features, the HABITAT is a great core building to add to your scifi wargaming terrain collection or begin your next awesome new table!
Buildings can be combined in multiple ways or stacked to infinite height.

  • Removable access stairwell and separate ladder to easily change up how the roof is accessed.
  • Solar Panel can be clipped into roof (also used to easily remove roof for interior access), or onto building edges.
  • Opening/closing entry door with interior area.
  • All components can be stored inside for storage/travel.
  • Includes some optional stick on details – control panel/vent/wall mounted replicator.

Comes pre-primed white as shown with Stay Shiny masking. Peel for clean look or use as spraying mask!

Includes 1 HABITAT building. Also available in bundle sets.
Approx max dimensions of main building: 21.5x14x9cm

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HAB Block style Sci Fi terrain building. Modular MDF wargame terrain for tabletop games.

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3 reviews for HABITAT

  1. khibyusa


    These are simple to build and they have a high table space for money ratio. The internals being accessible allowing for internal play and storage is a nice touch. They are stackable with other Habitats one atop the other, offset or even rotated 90 degrees (look at the pictures on the bundle sets for more ideas).
    They are a different height compared to other Battle Kiwi buildings, but they can be integrated well if you fiddle with them a bit.
    The solar panel is a nice bit of scatter and helps to remove the roof if needed. The little fold out steps to the door is very nicely done as well.
    The fire escape warrants a bit more detail in depth. I was shocked at how easy it went together and how much it adds to the actual habitat. Allowing easy access to the roof, and when stacked vertically, allows people to access all levels in the tower. The only gripe I had about it is that it can only fit one way due to the placement of the external door. But, there is literally not better place for it to be with the current build.

  2. Panda (verified owner)

    Agréablement surpris de la facilité de montage du kit, tout a été pensé pour le rendre agréable 🙂

    Le kit en lui-même est d’une bonne qualité, le fait d’ajouter le panneau solaire permet l’utilisation de l’intérieur et l’ajout de petit détails (interphone, ventilation,…) Le rend vivant.

  3. Neil Todd (verified owner)

    Bought a couple of these and will be getting more. A little tricky in a couple of places to put together but the end result was well worth it.
    The accessories give you the chance to give each one a little individuality

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