Incident Objective Room

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Transform your Objective Room!

There’s been an incident and somebodies gotta go search the scene. And that somebody is YOU.

This set of 4 corner walls, cleverly fits together to form the exact size of the objective room in Infinity. Removable glass doors allow clearly show whether the doors have been opened/blown up or not, for quick visual play.

Pull the sections apart and you can quickly change it into a protected compound or cordon off an area. Allows for some great modularity and fast changes to your table set up and easy pack down too. Play the walls as total blocking terrain or bring in some terrain rules like saturation or white noise to change it up even more!

Made from pre-primed white MDF in our stay shiny system (so it’s premasked too!) and acrylic.

Requires glue for assembly.

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Sci fi wargaming objective room. Great for games such as Infinity.

1 review for Incident Objective Room

  1. esmolitsky

    This is my favorite objective room scenario scenery item for infinity hands down. The playability is exceptional, and you can easily see who is inside and where. Best part is if youre running a tournament, you can easily switch it up to scatter terrain without having to rebuild the entire table. Great playability meets cool stylish design. Wonderful.

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