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Say no to knocked over nuln oil!

The Paint Pot Holder includes gravitronical forces to support and nurture your GW Citadel wash to the very last drop.

Designed to fit all GW Citadel paint pot sizes (including the new Contrast pot size), you can now paint stress free, knowing your wash is safe and secure. The modular shape allows them to be pushed together for multiple paints on the go at once.

Includes the ‘Kiwi Beak’, for when you’re lid hinge inevitably starts failing. Stick in the beak and it’ll never snap closed, spraying you and your desk!

Laser cut MDF, requires glue for assembly.

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Paint pot holder designed to stop you knocking over your GW Citadel paints and washes.

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8 reviews for Paint Pot Holder

  1. hunkinra (verified owner)

    Got this after spilling a whole pot of contrast! Super handy, I’ve bumped it a few times and it’s barely moved!

  2. Martin (verified owner)

    Awesome item. I’ve been using a few GW paints on current projects and this is the best painting accessories I’ve bought. Also works for bottles of decal solvent… which I’ve spilled previously.

  3. BBhulksmash88

    This is a great product to use with the GW paints. Especially with the contrast paints and keeping them from being spilled.

  4. Graham (verified owner)

    Always been nervous with open pots of GW paints – these are really stable. Also like that it has a small footprint on my tiny work desk.

  5. natholeon (verified owner)

    One of the best investments you’ll ever make! Has kept my GW paints intact, and the lid holder works like a dream to stop the lid closing on you.

  6. Ryan MacDonald (verified owner)

    Awesome little gadget! I always get annoyed with the lids on Citadel paint pots closing on me, so this little gem is perfect! Wonderfully detailed too, I love it! 10/10

  7. Thomas day (verified owner)

    Easy assembly, doesn’t take up a lot of space on the table. Lid holder feature is fantastic for citadel paints

  8. Fraser Peat (verified owner)

    I didn’t think I needed it until I had it, and now I always use it. So, thumbs up from me.

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