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Platform X-1 – take your tabletop gaming to another level!

This large platform base provides a great way to vary your wargame terrain, introducing variable levels and blocking line of sight with a super flexible terrain piece.
The platform features details on all sides, including shop frontages with movable signs and seating areas and optional awnings. While the reverse side features a mysterious Lab entrance and venting details.

Large semi circular shaped stairways can be placed in multiple positions around the platform or even combined in the corner. Additional access points a provided in the form access ladders. (note both ladders and signs can also be used with our existing range).

Great on it’s own, the Platform really comes alive when combined with Alpha City and other buildings, or combine with an additional Platforms to create larger raised areas with alleyways below.

Supplied Pre-Primed both sides using our Stay Shiny masking system.

Platform X-1 Includes:

1 x Platform X1
2 x Large feature stairs
2 x Access ladders
2 x Seating areas
2 x Shop signs

Platform Size – 30cm x 40cm x 55mm

Made from laser cut 3mm Mdf, 2mm HD Card, 3mm Acrylic. Requires assembly.

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A highly flexible tabletop gaming terrain platform. Great for your sci-fi games of Infinity, Warhammer 40k and more!
Laser cut MDF and acrylic. Requires assembly.

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2 reviews for Platform X-1

  1. khibyusa (verified owner)


    This single piece of terrain has changed how my club sets up and plays Infinity. To say this was one of the most influential pieces of terrain in our catalogue is not hyperbole. The ability to run TAGs behind it without worrying that it will get it’s head perforated is huge.
    The stairs are also really good for altering how games are played. A ramp to scream a bike, REM or a TAG up to a higher level in a single order to cut across the table is funny when they run across the platform and drop into the enemy’s lines untouched.

    The terrain itself is really simple to put together. Fits with all of the other Battle Kiwi stuff we have at my club and it has made us think about how to use it is all of our current games.

  2. Czar (verified owner)

    I purchased to play Stargrave. These are excellent terrain options. They are easy to put together, well thought out and with inclusion of the perspex they are visually attractive without any further work. They can easily be combined with out buildings to make some cool looking terrain to play on.

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