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Satlink Objectives for Infinity the game. Comes with wire pieces for added detailing.
Don’t forget to phone home and let them know how the mission is getting on! These objectives will work great for all your mission based games.

“10 out of 10, would push buttons again!”
Anon Specialist

Available in 2, 4 and 6 packs for all your objective needs.

Beacon Footprint: 40mm round base and approx 55mm high.


Comes pre-painted in off white in our ‘stay shiny’ system, ready to use or paint!

Made from laser cut 3mm MDF, acrylic and wire – requires assembly.

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The Alpha City range is our easy to build semi modular terrain. Combine with other tabletop terrain products our range for a great looking table! Perfect for games of  Infinity and other Sci-Fi miniature tabletop games or RPG's. Laser cut terrain made from MDF, and acrylic materials.

These Satlink Objectives are designed for Infinity, but work great for warhammer 40k and other sci fi tabletop games.
Supplied pre painted in an off white and grey on reverse side - requires assembly + glue.

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