Scatter Wars 1

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Use more scatter, you must!

The Scatter Wars collection includes our Blast Barriers, Crates and Sensor Arrays. A great little bundle for those that have existing terrain or add it on alongside our other terrain pieces.

Provides extra cover and interest on your table. The Sensor Arrays make for great objectives, or a good place to hide solo characters in games of Legion, Infinity and more!


  • 2 x Sensor Arrays
  • 4 x Blast Barriers
  • 8 x Crates

Made from pre-painted 3mm MDF and Acrylic. Requires assembly.

Tabletop scatter terrain suitable for Star Wars Legion, Infinity, WH40k and more! Made from pre-painted 3mm MDF.

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Weight.260 kg

7 reviews for Scatter Wars 1

  1. Andrew

    Easy and quick to assemble, even the Sensor Arrays. Pieces fit together well and look great on the table.

  2. alexanderpallas (verified owner)

    Nice variety and it looks great – even unpainted

  3. gianfranco.zancolo (verified owner)

    Perfect pieces for mission objects. Easy to build and looks realy good on the table, when you need some piece of cover.

  4. daryl_bennett90 (verified owner)

    Love the set, sensor arrays make for great objective tokens, & the barricades are way better than the ones that come with the Star Wars legion core set, will be buying another lot soon


    An excellent addittion to any table. Easy to assemble and without a doubt some of the best SW Legion scatter terrain out.

  6. Sojourne (verified owner)

    Honestly for the cost, I would get something else. Looks cool but you don’t really get much in terms of scatter terrain.

  7. daryl_bennett90 (verified owner)

    Love the variety you get in this kit, especially the sensor arrays

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