Scatter Wars 2

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The Scatter Strikes Back!

This scatter bundle provides some classically styled crates along with the cool hexagonal R1 crate (also looks good when used vertically!). The large tech work area provides a nice feature area on your table, and a perfect place to work on your speeder bike, pile up some crates or use as a small launch pad. Also includes the ‘Chief Switch’ – ideal as a mission objective piece or some additional table eye candy.

Combines great with the rest of the range – particularly as a bunker entrance area!


  • 1 x Tech Work Area
  • 4 x SW Crates
  • 2 x R1 Crates
  • 1 x Chief Switch

Made from pre-painted 3mm MDF and Acrylic. Requires assembly.

Tabletop scatter terrain suitable for Star Wars Legion, Infinity, WH40k and more! Made from pre-painted 3mm MDF.

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Weight.380 kg

9 reviews for Scatter Wars 2

  1. Andrew

    Was a little concerned by the multiple small pieces, but everything went together like a dream. Don’t rush taking everything out of the bag, though. Make sure you know where everything is first.

  2. Burkhard

    This is a nice little set. It adds a lot to the battlefield as an eye catcher. The console and crates offer cover and the console also doubles as an objective. And the detail on both the crates and console is amazing.

    Why “only” 4 stars? The set shows the main problem with MDF kits, that you see a lot of the brown cutting edges on small parts. So in my opinion the crates require a re-paint, but that is my taste. So if most of the parts require a repaint, why “still” 4 stars? The fact that the set comes pre-painted means that it takes paint quite easily without the pearling you often have with MDF. So you are done with that in a couple of minutes.

    If anyone is scared now… I like it so much, that I am actually thinking about getting myself another set.

  3. Josh (verified owner)

    Amazing bits of scatter terrain that add a bit of a imperial presence to your desolate Legion worlds. very easy to put together (though dry fit the round crates and panel mast to make sure you get it right). It’s worth taking a damp cloths to the crates after building them to pull more of the details out from the burn marks. Crates easily block LOS or provide light cover, and make for an interesting area for objectives (you will resort to grenades and melee). Just add some of our particular battlefield flock and it will easily fit any theme.

  4. daryl_bennett90 (verified owner)

    Great set of scatter terrain, combine it with he front of the bunker terrain for an awesome look

  5. Danny Williams (verified owner)

    After buying one, and enjoying its use as both a setting piece and its use as light area terrain, Im buying another!

  6. adbrown (verified owner)

    Great force multiplier for any table. Easy to build, heaps of items and looks great

  7. Sojourne (verified owner)

    Builds fast and combines nicely with the rest of the range, but honestly for the cost, I would get something else that gives more bang for the buck.

  8. aussiebrucio (verified owner)

    very easy build
    very intelligent layout
    with a little bit of pva glue those crate are solid as
    bravo battle kiwi

  9. aussiebrucio (verified owner)

    very intelligent layout
    bravo battle kiwi

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