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Hit the road.

“They promised us flying cars…and we finally got ’em, ‘cept none of us good for nuffin street dwellers can afford the damn cred’s to buy one, let alone the moon rocks to power ’em. It’s the road for us.”

Our Sci Fi modular road sections can be bought separately to create all sorts of layouts, or combine with our Road Runner Bundle to save yourself some creds. Who know some day you might have enough for one of those flyin moonhoppers…

All road pieces come pre-primed grey in our ‘stay shiny’ masking system for super fast spraycan paint up (as shown in images).

All sections include main road piece and pavement toppers, along with 2 ‘bone’ connectors for joining sections.
– Pedestrian crossing contains both crossings
– Table border Angles comes with both left and right angles.

Made from 3mm MDF + Acrylic parts. Requires glue for assembly.

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Modular road sections for sci fi wargaming and tabletop games like Infinity by Corvus Belli.

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