Snær’s Domain – Battle Mat 4x4ft

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Get the heater cranking in your game room, cuz this is one ‘cool’ mat! *insert groan*

This snow themed battle mat is ideal for a wide assortment of games, from Viking battles to distant sci-fi snow planet laser battles, this will look awesome on any wargamers table!

4×4 foot battle mat

Features Include:

  • Premium high quality 2mm mousepad material
  • Plush soft finish for quiet rolling and model protection
  • Waterproof finish, for drink and game sessions
  • Modular design for multiple layouts
  • Printed material – will never scratch!
  • Includes bag with ID tag
  • Compact size for easy storage and transport

Snow themed Battle Mat for tabletop wargames - high quality rubber mousepad material with waterproof layer. Designed in New Zealand for use in a large variety of hobby games such as Frostgrave, Infinity, Warhammer 40k, Dropfleet Commander, Gates of Antares and many more wargames!

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