The Bunker

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Just blaster your way in…

The bunker features working opening Blast Shield doors and a removable roof with playable interior. The rear reinforced window can also be removed to allow for a hasty back exit and future expansion…

This tabletop terrain measures in at around 21cm square and just over 8cm high. The rooftop surround is high enough to provide cover in games such as Infinity.
Perfect for any futuristic games, but even better for Legion!

Includes 3 movable computer consoles, that make for great game objectives.

Comes prepainted in grey as shown. Made from laser cut 3mm MDF + 2mm Greyboard exterior details. Requires assembly.

Laser cut tabletop terrain suitable for Star Wars Legion, Infinity, WH40k and more! Made from pre-painted 3mm MDF and 2mm greyboard.

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Weight.550 kg

8 reviews for The Bunker

  1. Oliver Scholz

    perfect model. Fits super to my Legion tabletop. Great communication around the world ( I am from Germany).

    Kann ich nur jedem empfehlen!

  2. Greg Lockton

    A great kit for your Star Wars Legion table! Easy to put together and use as well! A must have in my opinion!

  3. Burkhard

    This kit is a little gem. Lots of detail, but still easy to put together. The bunker doors slide into the walls making it fully playable. The consoles offer nice protection and have lots of details, too. And I really like the fact that the rear wall is removeable, catering for a later expansion of the line.

  4. Craig Ramsay (verified owner)

    Great kit and easy to put together with clear instructions. Prompt and friendly service from Oliver, what more could you possibly want. Looking forward to future releases especially in the historical ranges .

  5. gianfranco.zancolo (verified owner)

    Great piece for every Legion Table. Easy to build and fits perfect for Legion miniatures.

  6. daryl_bennett90 (verified owner)

    Another awesome kit, removable roof, & bunker doors including a hidden back door makes it a very versatile terrain piece.

  7. MITCHELL SMITH (verified owner)

    Great set, perfect for my first legion table to build around.

  8. Sojourne (verified owner)

    I use this for Infinity, and it works really well with the small entryway providing great cover.

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