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The Comm Tower. An exciting terrain piece with multilevel play. This laser cut building terrain is designed for Infinity the game but of course it also works great for other games too! Features include opening/closing doors and hatches, foldaway hatch ladder, building and tower interior access and ladder widget for shorter movement troops to make the long climb to the top. The tower antennae are also removable for safe transport.

Upgrade to the Comm Tower Bundle which includes the objective room – for an epic tabletop centrepiece! With multilevel and interior play, the 4 story high tower holds a commanding presence and provides plenty of cinematic moments during your games.
Combines with Alpha City buildings and components for an easy to build great looking modular table.

Building Footprint: 8″ x 8″ x 11″tall (not including antennae)

Comes pre-painted in off white in our ‘stay shiny’ system, ready to use or paint!

Made from laser cut 3mm MDF and acrylic pieces – requires assembly.

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The Alpha City range is easy to build laser cut terrain, perfect for games of  Infinity and other Sci-Fi miniature tabletop games or RPG's. Terrain is made from MDF and acrylic.

Designed for Infinity and other near future sci fi tabletop gaming.
Supplied pre painted in an off white and grey on reverse side - requires assembly.

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5 reviews for The Comm Tower

  1. Seth

    Won this at Arizona Armageddon and it was an amazing kit to build & paint!

    First, the entire kit comes with the details etched through a sheet of masking tape making it a breeze to airbrush.

    The assembly of the tower makes it sit perfectly well but because there’s no rubbing pieces you can take it on and off easily. This is especially true for the large platform over the main base building. There is a ring around the entire bottom of the platform that nests with the base to provide a sturdy building, but also allows you to take it off easily.

    I love this kit. The only issue I had was that the rail key holes where a very tight fit. I used an emery board (nail file) to thin the posts that go into the platform.

    The kit is great. Works excellent for infinity. Would highly recommend.

  2. khibyusa (verified owner)


    This building is one of the new centrepieces of our club terrain. It is an imposing piece of terrain that while blocking line of sight, due to its physicality, can also be used effectively to attack or defend. The sniper tower is a shock to players who are used to the card terrain a lot of us started with.

    As far as the build goes, I was able to put it together by friction (like what I did with the Pingu Rave Cave {The Club}), you cannot really have the accessibility to the multiple levels in it though. It took about 90 minutes for me to put it together with pva.

    Adding this to other bits of Battle Kiwi terrain makes it look like it is part of an actual city with planning and a unified scheme (what city actually has that though!). It does fit well with other terrain though.

    If you are feeling a little bit insane (like me), the Comm Tower and the Pingu Rave Cave both fit on the X-1 Platform. There is a 30mm-ish gap on one side and a much wider one on the other. It does cause a few headaches for certain models, but it opens up a safe route for some others.

  3. Vicente Cartas Espinel (verified owner)

    Another great piece of scenery. The tower itself is really big, so it blocks a lot of line of sight, and the ladder to climb to the sniper next is exposed so there is a good risk vs reward going on there. Both first and second floor have playable interiors, and the acrylic corners give it a super nice look. If you combine it with the objective room you have a huge centerpiece that will look great on any urban table.

  4. Panda (verified owner)

    Si vous jouez a Infinity c’est un achat obligatoire !

    Le kit est très détaillé et facile à assembler, les instructions en pdf sont clairs, nettes et précis.

    Les pièces se détachent facilement de leur grape et la couche de protection facilite l’utilisation d’un airbrush ou bombe de couleur (je ne l’ai pas peinte).

    L’intérieur est jouable, il y a beaucoup de place pour y placer un objectif.

  5. Neil Todd

    Bought this as a centre piece for Infinity and Stargrave games. A true work of art. Easy to put together and a joy to play on.
    Thanks Battle Kiwi for an amazing piece.

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