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Charge up your Droids here.

It’s all very well having unlimited power, but you need to have it in a form you can use to power your whole Outpost base! This terrain piece has you covered, supplying just the right voltage for droids, hacking devices, fixed weapon stations and more!

This area covering platform terrain piece, offers plenty of cover and space to fight it out with blasters or light up futuristic swords! The included transformer block can be integrated with the main platform or used as an independent piece of scatter terrain. It also works as a power connector between 2 or more substations.

The Transmission Substation also combines with the Power Generator for a very cool looking centrepiece for your troopers to fight over.

Comes pre-primed in Imperial Grey as shown.

Approx main platform size: 360mm wide x 27mm high x 160mm deep.
Approx transformer block size: 112mm wide x 42mm high x 45mm deep.
Made from laser cut 3mm MDF & rubber cord.

Power platform area terrain piece for sci-fi wargaming in tabletpo games such as Star Wars Legion, Infinity and Warhammer 40K

Additional information

Weight.45 kg

3 reviews for Transmission Substation

  1. (verified owner)

    I bought the Transmission Substation with the Power Generator and it makes a very cool looking addition to any Star Wars Legion battlefield. Don’t hesitate in purchasing this and the Power Generator you wont be disappointed.

  2. khibyusa (verified owner)


    This is a wierd one for me to reccomend. If you get it by itself it is only a 3☆ review. It just adds a bit of height and it is not that interesting to look at. But it goes to a 5☆ review if you add it to the Power Generator. If you get one of these, it should be with the Power Generator if your budget can stretch that far.

    It went together simply enough though.


    Christian Tapp

  3. daryl_bennett90 (verified owner)

    Pair this with the Power Generator and its a great kit

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