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Snack n Go!

Every trooper needs a snack and drink to keep their head in the game…or maybe they just need somewhere to keep cover.

This kit includes 2 vending machines –

  • Printa Fritta, for a fast printed tasty treat on the go!
  • Bandit Brewing – the hoppiest craft brewer in the galaxy!

Kits come pre-primed and masked in our ‘stay shiny’ system, so they’ll look great right after assembly or are ready to paint up to the next level. Includes acrylic parts and printed beer selection sticker.

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2 sci fi vending machines.

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3 reviews for Vending Machines

  1. khibyusa (verified owner)


    I grabbed two sets of these, and they all went together in about 2 hours. They are not too fiddly, but there are some bits to pay attention to. The cowl for the cooling fan actually stands proud of the vending machine’s footprint, so they may not fit flush to walls. In my club we say that you can’t shoot through that little gap, but some people may not take that approach.

    As far as the physicality of the different machines, the Printa Fritta is visibly chonkier than the Bandit Brewing machine. There is almost a centimetre extra depth to it. In games we are using them as panoplies as they look the part and the fact that they are as cheap as they are for a pair is very good value for what you get.

  2. Panda (verified owner)

    J’adore !!

    Un de mes scatter terrain préféré du moment !

    Cela rajout de la vie sur votre table et des brises ligne de vue, ils sont assez imposant, j’espère qu’ils feront d’autres variations dans le futur 🙂

  3. Sojourne (verified owner)

    Thematic scatter, perfectly hides an S2, and still reasonable for them to climb on top of to access higher buildings.

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