Admiral Fleet Command for Black Seas

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Get ship shape Captain!

Organise your Black Seas fleet with our Admiral Command battle board!

Place your ship cards into the slots and track your fleet at glance. Easily check damage and sail settings for each ship, without worrying about knocking wake markers during play.

Each ship slot also has an area for ID flags and upgrades, along with a marker for firing your initial broadside! And each tray holds 4 ships.

The box comes with 2 magnetised trays which snap together along with the lid so you’re ready to sail to other ports.
You can further expand your fleet with additional trays available separately here.

(each ship slot comes with 4 markers to allow for covering ships with over 100 damage points)

Comes pre-made ready to sail!
Stacked size: 255mm x 188mm

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A battle box tray designed to organise your fleet in Black Seas by Warlord Games

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Weight.45 kg

7 reviews for Admiral Fleet Command for Black Seas

  1. Alfred Collins (verified owner)

    4 ships at once. Helps my small fleet keep track

  2. mmillea87 (verified owner)

    Really helps me organize the ships in my fleet. Also replaces the wake marker and the hull point clips which are by far the most annoying part of the game. That means that you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the game!

  3. Szymon Bialekl (verified owner)

    The item is made at the highest level. It looks beautiful on the gaming table. Currently, it seems to me to be an essential accessory for the game.

  4. Alastair Jeffery (verified owner)

    Makes keeping track of everything so much easier and tidier.

  5. JaWzY83 (verified owner)

    Great organizer for the game! Eliminates what I hated most about the bookkeeping: the Wake Markers and Hull Point Clips! Looks great on the table and easy to store too!

  6. Christina Gulley (verified owner)

    Loved it, had to reglue some of the magnets, but was very impressed with it.

  7. IanPiddington (verified owner)

    Makes it much easier to track the ships, especially as I have limited table space so being able to move my ship records around is great

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