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Your City Table – Comes to Life!

Our Urban City Battle Board bundles allow you to create a great looking urban tabletop layout with ease! The design allows for a super modular set up you can change around every game. Every Battle Board comes with several ‘Beaky Bit’ widgets to join boards together – these can be fitted without having to lift up already placed boards and rolled corners guide the tiles together!

Each bundle is a great base for creating a tactile 3D city board. You can add to your layout to expand options with our individual squares available separately here.

2×2 bundle includes: 2 straight roads/Concrete Pad/T Junction

3×3 bundle (perfect for Marvel Crisis protocol!): 2 Straight Roads/ 3 Concrete Slabs/ Straight road with Subway Entrance/ Corner road/ T Junction/Centre Park*

4×4 bundle includes: 4 Straight Roads/ 5 Concrete Slabs/ 2 Straight road with Subway Entrance/ 2 Corner road/ 2 T Junction/ 1 Centre Park*

6×4 bundle includes: 7 Straight Roads/ 10 Concrete Slabs/ 2 Straight road with Subway Entrance/ 2 Corner road/ 2 T Junction/ 1 Centre Park*

*Capped bulk weight shipping charges apply on these items.

Made from laser cut 3mm MDF. Requires glue for assembly. Supplied unpainted.
Models and accessories shown not included.

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Modular Urban City terrain battle board squares for tabletop gaming. Perfect for games like Marvel Crisis Protocol, Walking Dead or any modern or near future games.

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10 reviews for Battle Boards – City Bundle

  1. rclaerbout

    Love the tile concept. Great way to allow variety and ability to store it when not using it.

  2. Matt (verified owner)

    Was a fantastic purchase, for the price of less than a mat the board can be as grand or simple as you like. For playing games like Marvel, this is a must.

  3. (verified owner)

    A fantastic set, lightweight yet solid. The clips are ingenious, and it will really enhance games of Walking Dead, Reality’s Edge and moderns.

  4. leescottnz (verified owner)

    Amazing set. Perfect for Marvel Crisis Protocol.

  5. Max Wanerstrand (verified owner)

    Outstanding product! Easy to assemble and so many fun ways to make a game board. Also love the little connectors, helps each tile stay in play when playing. Overall a great purchase.

  6. Shane Johnson (verified owner)

    Awesome product, provides a great setting for so many gaming systems, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Wolsung, Wild in the Streets. Such a versatile tile system. Also very easy to assemble and paint.

  7. SneezyTip (verified owner)

    This product is awesome. I just need to paint it now!

  8. SneezyTip (verified owner)

    This product is awesome. Makes me and my son feel more immersed when we play MCP.

  9. Viyra (verified owner)

    Quick and easy to build. Had a themed board ready to add some terrain in no time

  10. (verified owner)

    Quick, easy and awesome to build & paint.. These are perfect for my MCP and Infinity games. The 4×4 pack gives us so many combinations and layouts each and every time.

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