Chaos Realm Objective Zones – WH 40K 10th + AoS4

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Claim the Objective for Chaos!

This set of 6 objective zones are perfect for quickly seeing who’s claiming the objective….and who’s not. One less thing to measure, makes for a more streamlined fast paced game, so you can focus on the action!

Each objective is perfectly sized for your Warhammer games! (with a central 40mm circle and a 3″ radius surrounding it on the outside).
Styled to look great thematically on your chaos themed table during your battles. Numbered from 1-6 for missions requiring specific objectives to be held over others.

Laser cut 3mm MDF. Supplied unpainted.

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Objective Zone markers for Warhammer 40k tenth edition games and Age of Sigmar 4 in a Chaos theme.

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