Laser Turret

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Pew – Pew — PEW! 

Blast away Rebel scum to your hearts content! Intimidate the enemy with these serious sized laser guns…or blow them up if you’re aligned with those bad guys 😉

The removable top section is fully interchangeable with the Shield Generator top to vary your table look.

Hollow interior allows for simple and effective lighting through the cut-outs, just add some LED lights!

Comes prepainted in grey as shown. Made from laser cut 3mm MDF. Requires assembly.

Laser cut tabletop terrain suitable for Star Wars Legion, Infinity, WH40k and more! Made from pre-painted 3mm MDF.

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Weight.4 kg

3 reviews for Laser Turret

  1. Greg Lockton

    A great piece of blocking terrain for your Legion table! Another easy to build kit from Battlekiwi!

  2. Burkhard

    This one builds up super fast and proves both a nice LOS block as well as an eye catcher to the tabletop.

    Personal advise… paint the guns in a dark metal colour (or black and dry brush it in a dark metal colour). It is done fast and adds a lot to the looks of the model!

  3. (verified owner)

    Superb kit, really captures the star wars look perfectly, I love these and the swappability with the shield generator tower is great. Echo the comment above on painting these as well, I use automotive spray cans in shades of grey/white and they came up really well. Cheers

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