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Do not tempt me!

These precious little tracker boards are great for your Middle Earth Strategy Battle game Heroes. Simply write on the name of your hero in dry wipe pen – then pop in some dice to track Might, Will, Fate & Wounds!
You can use up 16mm dice for tracking. And when you swap you r hero next game…simply wipe and write in the new name.

Made from palantir black acrylic and finished of with golden wax in the engravings, this LotR hero tracker comes pre-made and ready to play!

Acrylic tracker boards for your heroes in Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Strategy Battle Games.

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3 reviews for LotR Hero Trackers

  1. khibyusa (verified owner)


    Really nice finish to the tracker.The gold can be a bit hard to clean up, but they do look very nice when it works as it is supposed to.

    The holes are the only issue that I have. If any dust gets in there the shiny black shows it up like a spotlight.

  2. Brandonfab (verified owner)

    Amazing quality. The price was cheap so I was expecting some cheap 3d printed type of product. But no it is smooth and shiny plastic, nice quality and the gold letters look very cool. I am ordering more

  3. darkknight142 (verified owner)

    Solidly useful, and also good for other games like Warhammer historical.

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