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Protect your greatest weapon! 

This thing looks amazing on the tabletop! Coming in at a little over 40cm high, it’s an impressive feature piece for any sci-fi based game (we recommend serving with a good helping of Legion!). The base of the tower is 13cm, for some good LOS blocking during game play. The top section of the shield dish is removable allowing for further table set up options. The top is also fully interchangeable with the Laser Turret top.

Interior is hollow which allows for simple and effective lighting through the cut-outs, just add some LED lights!

Comes prepainted in grey as shown. Made from laser cut 3mm MDF, Acrylic and Greyboard detail parts. Requires assembly.

Laser cut tabletop terrain suitable for Star Wars Legion, Infinity, WH40k and more! Made from pre-painted 3mm MDF, Acrylic and 1mm greyboard parts.

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7 reviews for Shield Generator

  1. Felix (verified owner)

    The Sanctuary range is absolutely fantastic, and the Shield Generator kit is absolutely awesome looking on the tabletop!

    Like the other kits in this range, the detail present is absolutely fantastic and definitely has a distinct aesthetic that really fits in with your sci-fi Wars amongst the Stars!

    This kit looks absolutely killer, but was probably the most finicky to build, patience and a little more elbow grease go a long way to getting results with this kit compared to the others, but if you can deal with putting some more hobby into your hobby, the shield generator is pretty damn excellent terrain!

  2. Burkhard

    This kit left me a bit undecided when I build it. For one it seemed quite complex and fiddly and I was unsure about adding all the little dishes. Would they look good and be worth the effort?
    In the end both proved unfounded. The build was straightforward and surprisingly easy. It actually was one of the fastest kits to build in the range (not that any of them took long). The only thing that I would advise is using a glue that has a small applicator, is thin and dries fast for the panels of the main dish. That way you can dry fit them in place and just apply the glue in that state and wait for it to set. I used Superphatic glue and it did that job like a charm.
    Regarding the small dishes, yes they are worth the effort, which if you do them assembly line stile is only a couple of minutes anyway, the look extremely Star Wars and you can decide not to glue them to the main dish, which keeps them removeable.

  3. Josh (verified owner)

    This thing is titanic and really add s an awesome sense of scale to the battlefield. Everything but the dish is very easy to build and once build is extremely durable. This dish is the only real tricky part of this kit, because it’s essentially perfectly lining up thin card pieces into the support struts, and using your third hand to keep everything in place while you continue to assemble it. That aside, it’s a great kit, and the scorch marks add to the diorama feel by making it looks weathered. Simply throw some flock on the ground base, some lights in the tower, and a few bits of scrub and flock on the structure for a dominating presence on the battlefield.

  4. gianfranco.zancolo (verified owner)

    Damn its a realy huge thing, but it was easy to built. The cutting was realy good, so no need to cut , to get out the pieces.

  5. daryl_bennett90 (verified owner)

    Quite a large piece, but make a great centre piece for an Endor board, the dish was a little fiddly but once you got all 8 pieces on it was quite easy to adjust, I recommend using pva glue for the struts so you have time to adjust the dish pieces.

  6. (verified owner)

    Really nice kit and came up very well once painted with a few extra details greebled on, will be one of the centre pieces of my Imperial Base board. Great kit!

  7. Flamegear (verified owner)

    I got this for Christmas last year, and have avoided putting it together as it looked like a ton of work. But, I am happy to report that it was assembled (and even partially painted!) in just one day!

    It is assembled in roughly 4 pieces (not counting the little dishes on top), which makes it considerably easier and more straight forward. I actually had less trouble building this than I’ve had with some the simple box-buildings from the Alpha City set!

    If, like me, you are unsure of the look of all that wood sitting on top of a metal tower, I took a simple grey/silver paint to all of the main lines and little dishes, and now my titanic tower looks like someone installed a shiny new dish on top of a rusty old tower. I think this looks great, but you could just as easily apply grey/silver paint to all of the spots you’re not happy with. Just avoid spaces where the wood glues together, as I am unsure atm how well my gorilla wood glue has bonded the ‘wood to paint’ bits.

    In summary, yes, it is massive! No, that does not make it a hard build! And yes, it will be worth it to see this tower on your table top!

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